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Nanofixit One Phone

Nanofixit One Phone

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At LITTLEBUHITO®  we offer no only the best phone case protection for your devices, also we bring to you the latest technology to give your phone the maximum protection it deserves.

Give your smartphone the maximum protection it deserves.

Nanofixit Phone is the original and unique Nano Liquid Screen Protector that can make any phone screen, of any size, ultra-scratch resistant, germ free & water repellent. On top of that, the liquid shield will eliminate harmful cell phone radiation with over 90% reduction rates. This is a true upgrade to your smartphone.

Nanofixit is the ONLY water based, organic, and 100% safe liquid screen protection in the market. Our ultra-strong formula will make your glass screen 4X harder and less likely to break, especially when you combine it with a cool casing to protect from those nasty corner hits. 



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